The start of a new adventure 

How can someone decide where is time to take a new road? What to do, when your sight stumbles upon a new sign on the way?  How to be sure, if the taken path is really the right one?

These are the questions that are standing exactly in front of me now: as I listen to my intuition, namely to my heart, a picture of a new timeline appears in front of my eyes, clear, defined, full of new exciting moments, whose feelings are slowly, but surely imprinting in my soul and therefore, directing my steps towards a new fulfillment.

So, what is this new project all about? It is a fusion of all my knowledge, life experience, and dedication towards a betterment of my surrounding environment, a balanced energy exchange between my soul and the world around, with the ultimate goal of contributing to a better world, a waterdrop in the ocean of a new, advanced and heart-oriented Earth-Consciousness.

Therefore is the definition "Where Technology meets Humanity" the focal point of this whole new journey, which will be centered in helping everyone that considers PCs, Consoles, Tech Gadgets, DIY and so on, a valuable resource and tool for the creation of a bridge between man and machine, with the sole goal of bringing the tech at the service of our consciousness as a tool to speed-up our own evolution towards a better humanity, and not towards a machine with an artificial human behaviour.

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